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Welcome To My Spider-man Page, If you have any questions, comments, anything at all please mail me, thanx, enjoy your stay


Can you believe it? people have actually been here!!

I know you've heard this about a milliontimes before but:

While at a science fair, Peter Parker was bitten by anirradiated spider and gained the proportionate strength, speed,agility and early warning "spider sense" of thatarachnid. He used these powers for personal fame and fortune asthe masked Spider-man. But when Peter failed to stop a criminalwho later killed his beloved Uncle Ben, Peter turned to fightingcrime and realized that with great power, comes greatresponsibility.

Now that that's over, Welcome to my web page I just recentlyredid my old one. I know my old one had links to other stuff thanSpidey This one is going to be completely devoted to our favoritewall-crawler. This page is constantly under construction soalways check back and see what's changed. I will hopefully soonadd a picture gallery and all the crap that goes along with thesepages. Well enjoy your stay and I hope you come back often.

By the way, if you have ICQ and would like to message me thatway my UIN is 2756350 Or if you would want ICQ go to their Webpage.

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Friends Don'tbother going here I'm still not done with the villains yet.

VillainsLike I said up there I'm not done, so keep your pants on.

That's all for right now if you want a link added please MAIL ME.

By the way did you know thatI currently run and own The Spider-man Ring?Well if you have a cool page and would like to join please gothere and check it out

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Well that's pretty much all I have right now,but if you come back later I'll have probably the same but I'llmake it look like I have more